Open for commissions! Unlimited slots!
watercolor commissions and sketch pages will be available again later on! Sorry!

In need of money for living expenses like food and stuff so, practically anything goes for these commissions! Yeah, I’ll draw practically anything.
though there are a few nsfw subjects I won’t do but said things that can be discussed!!!
I usually can finish up commissions anywhere from 1-2 weeks (depending on the amount of free time I have) but can work with a deadline if one is requested!

All prices listed are in USD and accepted via Paypal!
It is preferred that the payment is sent as "gift"
Otherwise payment can be sent as a "service" with fees included! (just trying to avoid fees tbh orz)
commissions are not started until payment is received.

If you’re interested or have any questions just shoot an e-mail over to 
with the subject “commission inquiry: (your tumblr url here)”!
commissions without this subject have been lost in the junk folder of my e-mail inbox. so please make sure the subject is in that format!

this is also my paypal address!
please don’t send asks about commissions, there are chances of those getting lost :c
even if you can’t afford a commission please reblog!
Every little bit helps<3!


Nearly melted off an ear, but the Posapony sculpt is finally starting to look… Horsey.

Work is still taking up a lot of time, but I think the next update will be worth the wait!


The new Posapony sculpt is starting to come together.

(Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been busy working on these, they’re going to be fully articulated and customizable toy ponies.)


Three guesses, last two are wrong. IT’S ME.

So yeah!

I’ll be taking commissions to help with Bronycon costs (and, y’know, my dog dying and bills and stuff).


  • Pretty much everything will be in colour, ‘cause y’know, colours are cool. Unless you say otherwise, then I guess…

One of My favorite artists.


You can always buy some at Mr.Tots’ toy shop :D


You can always buy some at Mr.Tots’ toy shop :D

Sharks sure have gotten popular, And I should have some pop-pop boats finished by Summer.

     …Did some of those customers seem fishy to anypony else?


The owner of the store everypony goes for the most hip and happenin high quality toys.


The owner of the store everypony goes for the most hip and happenin high quality toys.


Hello ! Ramsie/Yas here,

 As you can obviously see, I’m opening up commissions.

*Que children “Yaying” Audio.“ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

I don’t currently have a job at the moment, so this is quite the bit of pocket money for me. Anyway ! I’m actually quite nervous about taking some since I don’t really have too much faith in my ability. 

So let’s get down to business! :

Basic prices ;

$10 Sketches.

  • Includes light crosshatch shading and Some gray tone.
  • Additional character: $5
  • Flats: $3

$20 for halfset.

  • Lineart.
  • Flat colors.
  • Additional character: $10

$25 for fullset.

  • Lineart.
  • Full color with shading of choice. (Cell, Soft shading or mixture of both.)
  • Additional character: $15

Extra ;

Chibis  $5

Custom pony design  $8

  • Price varies depending on what you want.

Conditions [?] ;

NSFW - We must discuss it first ! If I think I can do it, I’ll accept it. My anatomy skills are quite rough. 

I can do Anthro, but prices will change based on what you want done.

I can try and do Simple backgrounds, this also must be discussed.

Hopefully I’ll get buyers.ヽ(;▽;)ノ -Weeping internally.-

Even if you can’t buy, a reblog would be helpful.

Quite the deal.

Alright, Now I’m done renovating.